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good, and the flames went from vehicle to vehicle. and in the end, 37 hertz rental car vehicles went up in flames. the fire came very close to the airport valueim, which used to be the motel 6 here on airport boulevard and gateaway. at that point motel employees and police went door-to-door, hustling out guests. >> seeing smoke and flames. i thought we were on fire. i told my family to get everything and get out. that was before the cops started getting home out. i was already out. so we were just out there, and then the fireworks and stuff was exploding, and you could hear fire trucks coming. >> there were firecrackers in the back, and then all of a sudden, burning away. that was it. >> reporter: again, 37 vehicles destroyed. a short time ago. firefighters were still putting
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water on some of the charred remains. this is a hertz overflow lot. this is not the main san francisco airport office. one of the satellite offices where you can rent vehicles and purchase vehicles and they have now lost three dozen vehicles. this morning the hotel manager says that a hertz official came across and wanted to put even more cars in the hotel parking lot, but that never took place. again, there are 37 cars destroyed. everyone is back in the motel. and there are no injuries. live in south san francisco, john alston, abc-7 news. >> alan: it's out -- hot houston there and a heat advisory is in feefnlgt temperatures pushed toward the 100-degree mark in several east bay locations. let's go now to leigh glaser with more. >> leigh: the record highs -- one record high for today and also the highs so far for today just came in.
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concord, 100 degrees. antioch, your high was 100. it was 101 in livermore. 100 in gilroy, and salinas, 84. that was new record for this date. it was 93 today in san jose. 81 in san francisco. and 87 in oakland. heat advisory for inland locations still in effect tonight until 9:00. temperatures right now, up and over the 100-degree mark. so this is the slow cooling. i want to show you what will move in tomorrow. we're all going to cool down slightly. the big cooldown near the coast. offshore winds today. and the fog, more onshore winds will move that inland so get ready for cooler temperatures for tomorrow. >> alan: that heat combined with the danger of fireworks is signaling a precautionary tone this fourth of july weekend.
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we're at the alameda county fair where the temperature has dropped to 94 degrees. feeling any cooler out there? >> reporter: actually, believe it or not that three degree difference does make a huge difference. you can see the people lined up at the cooling center. this where the paramedics have been delivering first aid all day long. >> welcome to the county fair! >> reporter: there really isn't a wait to beat the near triple digit heat. you just learn to cope with it. that means hiding under whatever shade you can find or create, and staying well hydrated. >> going to the misters, and then jump in the pool. >> reporter: as temperatures sizzled, so did grills in the bay area, in spite of the warning. the scorching weather forced bay area monitors to declare it a "spare the air" day. and while barbecuing was not
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illegal, it was not advised. >> we strongly encourage them to use their gas grills because they pollute a lot lace than charcoal grills, and even if they have to use the car char charcoal grill, don't use the lighter fluid. >> barbecues aren't the only potentially dangerous fourth of july tradition. some people just can't help it. the bigger the fireworks, the better the holiday. even if the big pack costs $239, and in done -- dublin-it's legal to buy and sell fireworks, every purchase, big or small, comes with a warning. >> ask them to please stay where it's legal, stay in dublin. go the parks that are designated for fireworks. >> the parks will be open tomorrowle from 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., and go ahead and
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have the barbecue. tomorrow is not a "spare the air" day but tuesday might be another story. >> alan: thanks for braving the heat in other news, the pilot of a single engine crop duster is recovering after his helicopter crashlanded in a field near brentwood. it went down near highway 4, just south of brentwood boulevard. no word on the extent of the pilot's injuries. but he is expected to be okay. authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. environmentalists responded because the helicopter was carrying pesticide. >> a sea plane that sank off the coast of sausolito was pull out of the bay. it flipped nose first into richardson bay. a passing boater rescued the pilot and his passenger. neither were injured. we spoke the captain of the boat today. >> when i saw the plane nose in
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the water and then these two guys climbing on to the wings, so we turned around and went right to them and asked them if they needed a lift. and they said, yeah, matter of fact, we do. >> it took dive teams a day to find the plane under the water. san jose police are investigating a shooting that happened last night in the southern part of the city. officers responded to a call of gunfire. they found a man who has been shot several times. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but he is expected to survive. as of this afternoon, police were still investigating the motive for that crime. it was huge response in berkeley after a karch -- cache of chemicals were found, about they were only cleaning
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supplies. two rooms were evacuated while the hazmat team exeapped the substance. >> seem to be a safe, static situation, but definitely are chemicals in the room. >> alan: a cleanup company is coming in to clean up. police are trying to find out who was staying in the room. >> just a reminder, crackdown on drunk drivers continues through the july 4th holiday weekend. so far the number of dui arrests are up from last year. the chp is reporting today that officers arrested 994 drivers statewide for driving under the influence. at the same time last year the chp made 912 dui arrests. here in the bay area, officers arrested 161 impaired drivers so far this holiday weekend, compared to 128 arrests the same time last year. the chp says all available
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officers are on the roads looking for impaired drivers. >> child falls 10 stories into the arms of a woman. the oil spill in one of the nation's most pristine waterways. >> a hung fer strike -- a hunger struck -- strike begins for the two
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to
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acknowledge tens of thousands of gals -- gallons of crude oil is spilling in the ruptured ex-on mobile pipeline. a spokesman for the epa said she could see a sheen of oil 40 miles downstreet. cities have to close their intakes. exxon mobile revealed the pipeline was shut down because it was concerned the rising water at yellow stone might damage the pipeline. >> bay air activists are holding a hunger streak in greece. greek authorities intercepted their boat bringing aid to palestinians and arrested the can't. now the activists want washington to pressure greece to release their captain. the obama administration is warning the american activists against participating in the
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flotilla, saying they might by see lating u.s. law because gaza is run by hamas, a militant group recognized by the u.s. as a terrorist organization. the activist are vowing to continue their mission, saying the flotilla will leave tomorrow for gaza. >> uc berkeley aluminum -- alumni are holding a rolling hunger strike to protest the detension of the two cal graduates who have been held in iran for nearly two years on charges of spying. iranian officials released a third important, sarah shourd, last year on jail. she begins the rolling hunger strike tomorrow. now, an amazing story in china. a two-year-old fell ten stories out of an apartment window, and survived. she was caught by a woman passing by the billing. the two-year-old's grandmother left the young girl alone to run an air ran, and when the woman
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saw her falling, she kicked off her shoes and ran to catch her. the toddler is in critical can with internal bleeding and the woman who saved her broke her arm but she is okay. >> they may be safe and sane but they're illegal in most bay area cities. the fourth of july forecast leigh glaser coming up to tell us if we have to worry about the fog this year. >> djokovic drying to capture the
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>> alan: it was good to be a chief executive last year. the paychecks for the top american executives grew again after shrinking during 2008 and 2009's recession. according to redwood city based company, the median pay for the top execs of 200 big companies was $10.8 million. that works out to a 23% pay raise from 2009. now, as we mentioned, police across the bay area are on the lookout for illegal fireworks this fourth of july weekend. san bruno is one of the 13 cities in the bay area, santa
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cruz and monterey counties also -- that sells safe and sane fireworks. there are strict rules regarding the use of the fireworks. most importantly, they can only be set off in the cities where they're purchased. most cities have a zero kole lance for -- tolerance for fireworks. violation can be fined up to $4,000 and selling fireworks illegally can lead to criminal charges. 12,000 injuries are caused by fireworks in california, half of them involve children. there are several fourth of july events tonight and tomorrow. the target independent celebration begins at the craneway pavilion in richmond. at 6:30, benecia's independence day parade begins, and the celebrate america fireworks finale starts at 8:00 tonight in mott view. go to our web site for information on more celebrations. there's a link on the home page.
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and if you're traveling on b.a.r.t. tomorrow, trains will operate on a sunday schedule tour the day with extra trains in the evening to accommodate people attending the san francisco fireworks display. >> there's a heat advisory in effect for the inland areas, and a lot of people have escaped the heat by cooling off by the water. this is crown beach in alameda. you can dip your fee and cool off in the bay breeze. i was in brentwood today, and it was a hot tamamale. >> leigh: the heat advisory, good idea, and you can see why they issued it for this afternoon and this evening. it's going to take time for the excessive heat to cool down a little bit. here's a live look from the high definition east bay camera. looking down towards the east bay exprealz you -- bay valleys and you can see diablo in the
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background. westerly winds starting to pick up. 98 in antioch. 97 in concord. 71 in san francisco. napa, 86. 79 in mountain view. 87 in san jose. how much warmer today in your neighborhood? check it out. redwood city up 17 degrees. san francisco up 15. eight in napa. concord, up four. and we're up eight in los gatos so a warm to hot day. we'll go with mild temperatures inland. the fog will return to our coast overnight tonight, and it's definitely going to mean some cooler temperatures tomorrow, and the trend as we head into the latter part of the work week will be much cooler temperatures. we had a northerly wind today. and look what it did. where did the fog go? just pushed it well off the coast. that's why temperatures warmed up into the 70s. 100 plus readings inland.
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things are going to shift. lows tonight, mild inland. 65 for antioch. and what you'll notice we're expecting the fog to redevelop and move a little further inland thanks to a westerly wind flow. today high pressure brought us those offshore winds. the low trough of low pressure will sink to the south. that will bring us a win to more onshore, which is a cooler wind direction. so the coast and the bay really tomorrow will notice this decrease in temperatures. inland locations, maybe one, two degrees cooler tomorrow. you'll cool off wednesday, thursday and friday. traveling around the state. 93,owow seem at -- yosemite. let's talk about the big show tomorrow night at the coast. the fog will be with you. hopefully you'll be able to see the fireworks. temperatures in the 60s. near the bay, look for clear
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skies. temperatures, 62 to 72. we'll have the west wind, so it will be kind of chilly. inland, no problem. going to be warm. going to be fabulous, and clear sky. even tahoe expecting lots of clear conditions tomorrow night. temperatures in the 50s for the fireworks displays. tomorrow, you'll notice the coast and bay, temperatures coming down, 89, san jose. at the coast, 66, half month buy. 80s for the peninsula. 72 for san francisco tomorrow. and we'll look for low 90s in the north bay. sonoma, 90. oakland tomorrow, 82. 84 for hayward. brentwood, 98. 95 for concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures may come up a degree or two on tuesday. otherwise, the trend is going to be cooler. check out thursday, friday, saturday. boy, the sea breeze really kicks
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in. temperatures inland dropped down into the 80s. >> alan: let's go to rick in for shu. the all-star teams have been selected. >> giants were represented, and bruce bochy managing the national league team. the giants have four players on the rosters, all pitchers. the tigers were hoping to avoid a three game sweep. sap france -- san francisco took the lead when sandoval scores. the giants committed three errors, none more costly than this. the bad throw left the bases loaded. ordonez made them pay by coming through with a clutch two-run single. the giants nearly re took the lead in the eighth. rowland lines one to the gap. but raburn makes a great diving catch to end the inning.
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detroit wins, 6-3. here's the national league all-star lineup. mccann, catcher. the brewers have three starters, including prince fielder and rickie week, polanco, third. reyez, short. the outfield has braun, berkman and kemp. i gio gonzalez is the only athletic going. today he showed why he was chose chosen. oakland broke through in the fourth. dejesus puts the team on top with the two-out, two-run double. the a's break it open in the sixth. jackson takes kennedy deep to left. the ball just gets out. later that same inning. scott sizemore delivers another two-run shot. the a's0. 7-2. gonzalez is 3-0 with a 1.29 earned run average. manager bob melvin phoned gio with the good news. >> when i saw the number,
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thought, who is this call? went back to sleep. then he called again and again, and i finally picked up and i was like, hello? and he was like, hey. it's bob. it's your manager. i want to be the first to congratulate you. you're an all-star. >> here's the american league all-star lineup. three yankees in the infield, cano, rodriguez, and jeter. the outfielders, bautista, granderson and hamilton. the game is a week from tuesday in phoenix. >> since 2003, either roger federer or rafael nadal has won the men's title at wimbledon. today djokovic took on nadal. by reaching the final, djokovic already assured him of a number one ranking. the serb came out strong. took the first set. in the second, djokovic was all over the court. gets this drop shot and comes back with one of his own. he was pumped up.
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nadal captured the third sed, but djokovic would not be deniesmed championship. and nadal's return is long and it's over. djokovic captures his first wimbledon title. it's his fifth straight victory over nadal this year. the final round of the at&t national began with sacramento's nick watney and rickie fowler tied for the lead. on this fourth of july weekend, time to wear the red, white and blue. for fowler, it was this hideous orange he wears in honor of his alma mater, oklahoma state. fowler's game just as ugly. finished nine strokes back. k.j. choi was tied with watney. but watney would pull away to win on 16. this long putt nearly goes in for eagle. taps in with birdie. then the par on 18. finished up with a 66. good for a two-stroke victory over choi.
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watney's second win of the year. how about that fouler and his clothes. need the sunglasses for us. >> alan: especially since we're texas longhorns. transformers make a big show at
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>> alan: the third installment of the traps formers series set a new weekend record. it took in $97 million in its first weekend. the sci-fi flick broke a weekend revenue, and "cars 2" earned
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